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Strange, strange things...and EPICFAIL!


(no, why don't you tell us Mistress Eri)
uh....also I had terrible nightmares thanks to BRPS

t'was terrible...
I come accross an entry on the latest irritating trend of DOOM! in the world of RP

rorschach clones...or rather "rorschach, twisted to fit the story better"

the second comment (which had many responses, but none warrented lulz...except the one I am about to retell) was this:

"iambic5: Sigh. Am I the only one who's kind of tired of Rorschach?"
many people agreed on this subject, most on the "loved the character, too much exposure" bandwagon
so anyways this ensues:

dasgottkind: His concept's interesting, but I like Ozymandias better.

elviepuppeteer: but do you want a million Ozy clones running amuck?
...D8 so I just imagined that as I typed it....and just...D8

dasgottkind: Oh dear God, they'd be running around with sparkle-Bubastises and blowing up small businesses. D8

elviepuppeteer: D8 NYUUU!!! Then who'd be left to clean up the messes?!
although I might take one of the Bubastises (is that the right plural of that?)

dasgottkind: Hopefully some original character will come through and save the world. Otherwise, we are le-screwed. D8
And yeah, one of the Bubastises would be nice to have. (And I have no idea if that's correct. It could be Bubasti, but that's awful scientific sounding.)

elviepuppeteer: D8 We'd be swimming in a sea of sparkle, purple, squid and Bubastis! DNW!
(well she was a bastard of SCIENCE as my friend's dad so eloquently put it XD)

so now my mind is engraven with the images of an army of a million Adrians and their buastises blowing up business FOR THE BETTERMENT OF MANKIND!!!
so THEN I tell Katie about it, and she's like "that'd be amazing, you don't even know"
I'm like "ffff----you just want an army of hot men"
"I do"
"it WOULD be a sexy army, admittedly, but it'd also be narcissistic and self-righteous as all hell...and my step-dad owns a small business!"
"well they could come live here!"
"no, they can't, I'm going to be moving in with you, remember? you get one or the other, not both"

I'm such a bitch XD

also, I'm anxiously awaiting Sephora to get illamasqua lipgloss in fierce back in stock (ONLY colour out of stock) because Carmen is getting it for me!!!
I love her infinately for that...stuff is EXPENSIVE! like...$19 a tube, but it's soooo pretty on!
look at it!:

shit is GORGEOUS!

yea, Eri's excited, can't you tell?

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feck yesh it is! I wouldn't be able to wear it otherwis, for it wouldn't be awesome enough for me XD

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