Deep in The Forest Night

Next Time You See The Whit Rabbit Run Free, You Might Not Want To Follow

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Elvie is smart and has no idea what she's doing on here, in any event,  Imma use this as a place to keep my to do list for now...

Finish chapter 2 in Like A Puppet In A Silent Stage Show

Finish making the Batman Rogue's Tributes [Catwoman's and the whole gallery]

Finish the drawing of me and al my charactes [got me and Mari in]

Finish the cover for the chapter in LAPIASSS in which the V twins are intrduced [colour it, add background, add Mari]

moar Wesker/Scarface campaigning st00fz? lul [don't ask, I will keelz you]

Make that Scarface plushie (DO NOT SEW TO HAND DX)[gotta draw the pattern XD]

Fill Out MeMes

make friends on here?

I think that's it =3

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